why your online strategy needs help?

DaveCast #29

Why you suck online and socially?

First of all, my podcast schedule is off and I really hope to get back on track this week. In fact, spitballing a little her, I may actually do a podcast while I drive home from Indy Friday night.

But, this week I was hit with some ideas after seeing some blunders in others online and social media strategy. I am not saying I am perfect any or all of the above, but I am doing pretty darn well.  I am either making changes or willing to make changes.

Yeah, I never heard of you and neither has Google

You don’t have a blog. You don’t know how to blog and you do not have your site set up to be found. I know blogging and being on social media is not easy, setting your blog is not easy, it will cost money and it takes time. Staying up to day on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google + is not a set it and forget it, and if anyone ever tries to tell you that they do not know what the hell they are talking about.

Unknown Comic

Hey he was funny on the Gong Show, but I am sure you own a digital camera or someone you know owns one, take pic and put one up on your profile. What I have done is create folder on desktop that has all my social media platform pics, my “about” and other pertinent items in an easy to grab, no excuse for me not to fill out a profile format.

become a fan

Lurking Stalker

You are on all of the major social platforms, but you are not branding yourself there. You do no t engage with others either in your field or anyone that would benefit from your expertise.  Do not be afraid to engage, they are not going to bite you.

Create lists – I do my best to add every new follower or friend in a list on Twitter and Facebook. It makes them easy to track and engage down the road.

Not Original

  • cookie cutter website (hello real estate and mortgage people)
  • never an update on your blog or socially
  • nothing is every “FREE”
  • you buy content and you do not rewrite and make it SEO friendly

Ads and Social

You do a PPC campaign and or facebook ad and you send people back to your main part of your site – Think Landing Page

Break the Rules of Engagement

  • don’t follow back or acknowledge anyone
  • don’t engage
  • little to no follow-up of any bloody kind
  • you never return a call or an email in a timely fashion at all


GeekEstate Build 2012 I am working with some other agents and the guys from GeekEstate to build my real estate website for my ne real estate venture in NW Indiana.  More information to come soon

90Dave, I started my 2nd 90 Day Challenge for more information check out my 90 Day Challenge page.

Tool of the week – Noom

it is what I use to track my workouts and food intake

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Have a great week


need leads…need strategy

I hear about the near constant struggle of realtors, mortgage brokers and about every other business out there of getting leads. They look for the magic bullet. For years it may have been the newspaper, then direct mail, then having a website, then blogging and now social media sites. But, still they need good people to buy their product or service. They struggle to find that next new client and they plunge head first into every new concept out there with little thought to a strategy.

Many think that all they need to do is add the 3 “F’s” (fans, friends and followers), but what they really need is raving fans, great friends and die hard followers and the idea of adding thousands upon thousands does not cut it. You don’t want to wade through all the spammers and bots to get that one real person that seeks you or your product out.

What is your strategy when you start a new program whether it be social media, social networking or any other form of advertisement out there. Are you satisfied with just having your name shouted from the mountain top knowing full well that at any moment you could be easily tuned out. I see it on Twitter all the time when one person just simply becomes an echo chamber with her near constant drip of “come see me, come see my site, come hear me talk” banter that has to drive nearly everyone mad. It is like clock work that she found a new toy in the “send later” button and she scheduled it for every two hours.

In the coming weeks, as my life gets back to a normal state as I am launching a plethora of new affiliate sites while maintaining a happy home life. I will delve into a success strategy for social networking across the many platforms of social media sites and my own dual blogs of DaveWoodson.com and getUnoticed.com.