Mastermind Call

The Mastermind Call

I’ve been involved with a group of guys on a mastermind call for the last year, who are affiliate or online marketers .  It was a closed group and I was never able to get into it until someone left.  Well, I got in and it has been great. I will be honest I have learned more from them than they ever did me.

But, I’ve been waiting to get involved with another group but one that was a little more diverse.

I want a  real estate, mortgage, SEO, print and about anything else, but still if there are a few internet guys that want to do it. I am open to them as well.   As much as a  lot of  are interested in sharing and collaborating.  Sharing information and ideas that has helped them get out a little more, get more leads.

That obviously turns into business. 

I am really hoping for a more diverse group so no one feels as if they are competing or going after the same business or even keywords.

What I am envisioning is a 30 to 45 minute call where we all take a minute or two to talk about struggles or ideas that the rest of the group can use or help with.  Then, one person, would lead the discussion for 10 to 15 minutes, with slides or video, depending on the tool or format we do the call with.  We are thinking Skype or ZipCast, but again I am open to ideas. I want to learn

So, if you would like to be a part of the group, get ahold of me.  Or fill in the contact form below.  I promise you won’t be spammed, and if you decide not to do the mastermind call, no hard feelings.

Any questions – get ahold of me or leave a comment below.

Thank you!


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