Be Bold

A lot of people look towards national companies for examples for guidance on how to market their business on the local level, and while that is OK to some extent. I think we can teach the big dogs a few things. What always bugs me a little is that we are oft over looked being referred to as the “fly over states”. We are more than that, we are the ones that buy the product, in some cases make the product or components of it and we may even be the one that delivers the product.

Hubspot featured 10 or 15 national companies using Facebook timeline cover photos. I searched high and low through the pages I “liked” and even those that I did not like to find some local businesses who have done some thing original to their cover photo. I wanted to get a real taste of what the rest of America that Hubspot does not see it.

1. Zing Pizzeria










Great local family owned pizza shop in Chesterton, Indiana. They have really used social to it’s fullest extent, and in a short time have been recognized locally as one of the best pizza shops. What I like about this cover photo it highlights their pizza, and if I know these guys this is not some pizza that they cooked over and over to get it perfect. This picture was snapped before it hit a customers table.

2. Tim Davis Online 










Perfect, Tim is great friend and a great coach. I have had him as a guest on the #Davecast several times. This delivers a powerful message that most of us take for granted. it is really more of a value statement.

3. Midwest Smoke Out










I love the way this one looks, like the smoke is coming from her stogie. I am looking forward to this event. I have not bought my tickets yet, but I need to get on that. A downside to this page is they they have not secured their name on Facebook.

4. Porter County Animal Shelter










I like this one a lot as well. The only thing I would have done different is changed the profile picture to be the paws in the main pic. This really tells me all that I need to know about them and what they do.

5. Ideas in Motion Media










The parent company of Life, you know @ValpoLife, @PortageLife, @NWIndianaLife and @LaPorteLife. Take a moment to read this cover photo, you will soon see they are all about energy and people achieving their potential.

6. Steve SchraderBachar 









Steve is a mortgage banker in Iowa. Wanna guess who he works for? What a great way to brand yourself with a billion dollar company and use their brand to back yours.

7. Mary Biever









If you do not know Mary Biever. Well, you are missing out on a lot. She is a teacher, a blogger and a giver. Whenever, I need an honest opinion I get hold of Mary, and if you are on in southern Indiana. You should call her.

8. Michigan City Public Library










If you are from the area, you know the Michigan City Public Library for one of several reasons.

1. award winning design

2. it is blocking a street that leads to the beach

This picture captures an essence of the downtown Michigan City area that many rarely see, many look at that building and are surprised that it is a library.

9. Da Bears










I know this is a national type of page, but it is the Chicago Bears and nothing scream “Chicago” better than Da Bears.

10. Dave Woodson 










I know this is a little self-serving, but really nothing captures me and my brand more than this cover photo that currently you will find on my personal page rather than my business page. I talk about the Girl, you will see my logo and where I hang my real estate license.

A good cover page should tell your fans, your friends, your subscribers what you do, who you are and what is important to you.

I think you will see that in the covers above.

What did shock me were some of the “professional” designers and social media “experts”, who lack cover photos that they had months to prepare for.

The above images show that middle America can lead the way with some great original ideas and design.

I look forward to your ideas and comments. If you need help with your cover photo let us know and we will do what we can to help.