#DaveCast 26 – Ranting, Raving, Tools and I am back in Real Estate

This is not your daddy’s podcast. This week I got a little bit of rant in me.

Dave rants

Dave throws a rant

I talk about domain names, and the importance of owning your own name. I find it funny when I see or hear about real estate agents that do not own their own domain name.  I know of several local companies both real estate and others that incorporate, but do not buy their name or were never able to get their own domain.

I picked up that we are using for a local training blog. Well, within a day or so of picking it up on auction at GoDaddy. I got an email requesting to buy the domain for $250. I thought nothing of it, but I wanted to see if they would match my counter. So, I shot them over $10,000 counter. I really did not think they would match it, but what the heck. I had nothing to lose.

Yeah, they did not go that high, but they did counter my counter with $1000. I did not accept it, but I speculated how they came to lose this 10 or 12 year old domain. They had an outside person buy the domain and when it came time to renew it they never renewed. Maybe there was an invoice not paid. Whatever it was, they lost a aged domain and I picked one up for $20 bucks.

I offer a tool of the week. I am a huge fan of gmail. I do not use outlook or any other mail client preferring to run all the email through gmail. So, I rely on some tools like rapportive and boomerang.

Rapportive is a tool that lets you see what social networks the senderis on. Here you see I got an email from @CoachLee.

gmail tool

my favorite gmail tool

Boomerang allows me to send an email and if I do not hear back, it will resend the email. Plus, it will allow me to send an email later. I really like that option as I

boomerang gmail tool

another great gmail tool

work a little late at night, and I do not want them to know that I am up that later and/or since that a lot of people have smart phones. I do not want to wake them up with an email.

Speaking of smartphones, I just read that over half the people used a mobile device for shopping over the Christmas. Does your business have a mobile stategy?

Here is where I go on the rant

I am getting back into real estate. I explain why I am getting back into real estate. I think that some agents local or not do not do enough to market their homes. They simply drop a sign in the yard and walk away, hoping and waiting for that phone call.

I am going to say, I am sorry now, but this has irritated me for more than a few years and then to see, but we will see if I am going to succeed or whether or not I will crash and burn.


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  1. Rex says:

    Great tips on the gmail tools. Really cool.

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