How not to Network (market)

Networking I had the displeasure the other night of seeing the worst display of networking of any kind.  I guess you could call it netsitting. This group of “leg humpers” is perhaps the best way to describe this group from what I can tell, a fly-by-night company called Ambit Energy.  They would cull one or […] Read more »

When to Market…Now

I was listening to a local radio show and they were talking to a regular caller, a car mechanic. He does some off the wall reporting to be honest I tend to tune him out, but today he caught my attention. He mentioned that he was slow at work this week. I assume he owns […] Read more »

Blog Indiana TweetUp Panel

Tweetup? Yes, a tweetup. I know many many people on about any social media platform are still in the dark when it comes to a tweetup. In NWIndiana, we have a monthly meetup called #nwitweetup. It is a group of near like minded individuals, that range from teachers, coaches, business owners, and really a wide […] Read more »