Indiana Social Media Summit

This year was my year. I was voted “The Most Influential Dude of 2010”, a honor to say the least and I was in some very good company from authors Corporate Blogging for Dummies* Douglas Karr and Twitter Marketing for Dummies* Kyle Lacy to founder of StatsSquared like Ryan Cox over to some bloggers from north of 30 like Barry Skalski.

I want to thank all that voted for me, with a special thank you to Ms. Amy Stark, who has to put up with everyone when they either do not win, get enough tickets or even nominated. Amy, pumpkin, you do a great and I have no complaints whatsoever. Well, having to listen to Leland call me a dame.

One highlight for me other that winning was finally meeting Julie Perry, and having lunch with 2 other great women. Casey Mullins, otherwise known as @MooshinIndy and Beth Liller @ShanleyTeam. But, Julie “freaking”  Perry everybody, how cool am I to have lunch with her. Finally, we meet. IMAG0106

I found a great place to put my trophy. Here let me show you…

Just kidding guys and the last laugh is on you. I bought the books.

It was great to mingle with some people that I don’t get to very often like Josh Humble of Humble Productions and @ShawnieQR. The one the only Mr. Harrison Painter. Gosh the list could go on and on. I am sorry that I am leaving anyone out. Thanks to Scotty’s for the killer venue and appetizers.  Everyone that voted for me. Thank You and of course there is a carcast from US65.


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  1. From Indiana’s Most Influential Dude #in_sm10 Indiana Social Media Summit, a view from cheap seats #nwindiana #indy

  2. Diane Brooks says:

    Congrats Dave on an honor well deserved!

  3. Dave Woodson says:

    Thank you Diane. I really try.
    Dave Woodson´s last blog post ..Search Engine Marketing

  4. Amy Stark says:

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dave. You were so close in Aught Nine so I’m glad you won this year. As Indiana’s Most INfluential Social Media Dude. I trust you will lead well and exemplify the SSME (Standard Social Media Ethics) of Transparency, Honesty, Accountability, Reciprocity and Gratuity.
    Amy Stark´s last blog post ..IN-SM10 Ticket Distribution

  5. Amy Stark says:

    I almost forgot, please ask Natfinn if he already added Pumpkin to my list of nick-names? I like that one. =) Congratulations on an honor well-deserved.
    Amy Stark´s last blog post ..IN-SM10 Ticket Distribution

  6. I just commented via @DaveWoodson <= #Indiana’s 2nd Annual Social Media Summit and SMackdown Most INfluential Dude

  7. Do not interpret this linking to @davewoodson’s car-video post as an endorsement of car-video-blog-posting

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