How not to Network (market)


I had the displeasure the other night of seeing the worst display of networking of any kind.  I guess you could call it netsitting.

This group of “leg humpers” is perhaps the best way to describe this group from what I can tell, a fly-by-night company called Ambit Energy.  They would cull one or two unsuspecting, honest to goodness business people there to network with other business professionals. You know what what you do at asocial_media_marketing-300x300 Tweetup or Chamber night or gathering meant to bring business people together to share

They lured their unsuspecting prey in with shallow questions, vague answers, no business cards and clichéd sayings.  Then they would proceed to occupy that person’s time for about as long as it took the person to get up and run away or be rescued by the groups inability to seal the deal.

However, they did not stop there…

  1. They flat out ignored some. (btw they wrangled me last time; I avoided them this time)
  2. They chatted through the entire presentation. (If they would have just listened they might have learned something that could get them past old and to true cliché network marketing sales approach.)
  3. Boasted of extravagant items that were going to buy. (really)

In reference to #2,  this being a social networking event, it featured a speaker talking about how to get  more leads and more business via social media. A concept, I am sure, is new to them.  So you would have thought they would have stopped for a moment, shut up, and just tried to learn something.

Perhaps, they like it the old way of grinding one body after another. Well, better for us.  So, we don’t have to see their God-awful tweets or facebook updates extolling the many virtues of the Trump Organization. Oh no, I mean Monavie.  Oh no, I mean Ambit.  I’ve dealt with them all.  They are all grinders.


(a funny epiloge to all of this is that a few times I’ve tried to engage a Trumper, but they have yet to reply back)

Someone thought I should include a video I did for Media for Hire, a great Indianapolis Media Production company

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  1. Dave – I did not have the opportunity to meet them because I truly was focused on hearing the speakers who did deliver a very good presentation. Of course I did meet someone who did not have a business card and I still can’t believe that happens.

    • admin says:

      they were not at ours, they were at the TweetupMichiana one. Funny, most of them live in Crown Point-ish area

  2. Monica says:

    Hey, Dave! I am all about calling out those who are not on par with networking. However, you know I am in Monavie and I am NOT like that. Nor are any of the people I am in the business with. Just wanted to put that out there. I love ya, but don’t lump everyone into the same group!

  3. But, don’t they know you’re THE Dave Woodson?

    Wish I’d a went with you. We would have had some fun with them natives.

  4. Kelly Roggow says:

    Love it! You hit the nail on the head! It is like nails on a chalk board to see people with such little social awareness. The sad thing is, it gives network marketing a bad rap all around. I have a lot of experience with network marketing business. (Amway) Here are some tips: 1. Tell people what you do and why you do it. 2. LISTEN! 3. Find out what other people do and what they are looking for, even if this means you don’t get the chance to talk about yourself. 4. Be HONEST!!!! 5. I don’t care how successful you are in your industry….don’t talk about it… one cares! Just be confident:) 6. Be willing to learn all you can about those you connect with so you can effectively help them network for their industry….even if they are not interested in what you do! Kelly R

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